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Serial Generator Sets

We provide our customers with a complete range of all-in-one solutions for power generation within a spectrum of 42kVA and 3250kVA. These high-class power stations are only equipped by engines of famous international manufacturers...

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Besides construction and production of emergency generator sets, we have also developed an additional field of activity during the last years. We produce classic as well as biogas-operated combined heat and power plants for commercial or industrial use. It is an essential advantage of this technology that the  heat arising during power production can   directly be used for on-site heating purposes. This results in an excellent efficiency in comparison to conventional plants - with reduced emissions at the same time.

Due to the power-heat coupling regulation (KWKG), the renewable energy legislation (EEG), as well as the energy tax law (Energie StG) these plants are especially subsidized by the German legislature.

Individual Applications

Construction of complex emergency generator sets - as well as international major projects are always individually supervised by our technicians and engineers. Already before we will provide competent supports and advices. By doing so you will profit from our numerous experiences regarding worldwide project business. After clarification of the initial situation we will develop an individual solution at the computer for exactly your application.

Straight to the point

Electromech provide reliable diesel generators and fire pumps that are backed up with a fantastic after sales package.

In the modern era where loss of electrical power (for any length of time) to business can mean millions in lost revenues and to clinical operations can be as serious as death, it has become mission critical to have a reliable supply even when the national grid has an outage.

The installation and thorough maintenance of a diesel fuelled emergency generator is now recognised as a critical requirement.

With these systems in place you can help your business to protect IT systems/data, security systems, communications and staff safety.

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