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About Us

As a specialist Market leader Electromech Engineering Services Ltd are committed to providing the best levels of quality and performance within the diesel power generation. We have established and proven service standards that set a bench mark for diesel power generation supported by specific business systems. Through continued investment and extensive industry experience, with a total commitment to service delivery and client satisfaction.

Electromech engineering services offer a comprehensive range of generators which can be found within our product range.

Diesel generators

When data centers, hospitals, prisons and industrial corporations are looking to invest in a reliable standby energy source, it's imperative that they turn to those specialists that have a wealth of experience in this specialist area. And here at Electromech engineering we provide that backup power to the highest of standards.

We can offer our customers a complete series of all-in-one solutions for electric power generation in the power range between 42kVa and 3260 kVA. We can even construct complex power plants by synchronisation gen-sets, which will then result in a total output of several 10000 kVA in parallel operation.

Our Electromech Engineering standard generator sets can be adjusted and customized by using a modular construction system. Thus, customers will always receive machines perfectly adjusted to their requirements. Costs for purchasing, operation and maintenance are within a reasonable limit - especially, if you consider the great field of applications as well as the long lifespan of our generator sets.

Due to a non-stop "Supply Chain" we are able to guarantee extremely high quality and reliability. You will always have a personal contact person for all product and service supplies at our headquarters in the United Kingdom. Your partner at our company will be familiar with your generator set and your specific requirements, and will therefore be able to give you professional answers to your queries.

If you would like more information on our services please email us or call us on 0870 111 8004 for more information.