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Ruhstorf Factory Test Centre

Factory Test Centre

We are proud of our Factory Test Centre.

The test benches are divided into 4 test areas with a maximum power of 3,000 kW  in isolated operation, each. Thus it is possible to perform parallel test runs with 4 x 3,000 kW or 2 x 6,000 kW, with an overall performance of 12,000kW. At the same time, the nominal voltage ranges from 100 V to 17,600 V; most various voltage extractions are possible.

In addition thereto, the waste heat resulting from  load resistance tests is stored in underground tanks and used for heating purposes.

The control room is located on the upper floor of the test bench.

From up there, each test field is monitored by cameras. As such, customers can attend test runs at all times, supervising each test phase via different monitors. Different ambient temperatures of up to 60°C can be simulated. The inductance of cos(phi) = 1.0 to cos(phi) = 0.8 can be adjusted as well. Furthermore, intake air and exhaust gas back pressure can be regulated, allowing the customer to realistically reconstruct numerous different installation conditions. Selection, analysis and documentation of all available parameters takes place in the control room.

Technical Data

  • nominal power electrical: 12 000 kW (4x 3000 kW or 2x 6000 kW)
  • voltage range: 100 V - 17 600 V
  • power factor of test loads: 0.5 - 1.0 cos(phi)
  • possible test frequencies: 45 - 65 Hz
  • measuring accuracy: >= 1%
  • number of test benches: 4
  • max. simulating temperature inside test room: 60°C
  • max. cooling capability of facilities: 24 000 kW
  • coolant: water
  • capacity of coolant tanks: 2 x 60 m³
  • max. exhaust gas volume: 200 000 m³/h
  • max. cooling air volume inside test room: 2x 250 000 m³/h at 50 Hz 

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