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Privacy Policy

1. Whenever a user gains access to the Electromech. webpage, and whenever data are recalled, data in this process are stored in a log file. Storage is made exclusively for internal system-related and statistics-related reasons. In particular, the following details are saved with regard to any recall: Name of the recalled data - date and time of recall - transmitted data volume - information, if recall was successful - description of Type of web browser used - domain which requested recall.

2. Any information given by users during registration will not be handed on to third parties.

3. When leaving our webpage and going to third parties‘ webpages, the owners of such other webpages chosen by you might set up cookies. Electromech. shall legally not be responsible for such cookies. As regards the use of such cookies and the information stored in them by third parties, please look at the third parties' data protection declarations.

4. Automatically collected, non-personal data and set up of cookies: when using our webpage, information is sometimes collected automatically (not during the registration process), which cannot be relocated to a certain person (for example via a web browser or an operating system; domain names of webpages, from where access was arranged via a web link; number of times of access, average time spent browsing through our webpage, pages looked at). We use this information in order to continuously improve our webpage, to keep it up-to-date and to make it more attractive for users. When visiting our webpage, it might happen that information is stored on your computer in form of a cookie, which enables our webpage to automatically recognize you when next visiting our webpage. Cookies adjust a webpage to your personal needs. If you do not wish information about your computer to be recognized, please adjust your internet browser in such a way that it deletes cookies from your computer's hard drive, blocks all cookies or gives you a warning before a cookie is stored on your computer.

5. Collection and use of personal data:
Personal Data are only stored by us if you give them to us by free choice, e.g. for the conclusion of a contract, during a public opinion poll, during registration for personalized services. Assuming that you have given your consent, your personal data given to us when registering for personalized services will be used for marketing and market research as well as for the personalized design of electronic services. Data will not be exported to countries outside the EEC. The personal data given to us on our webpage will only be used to meet our obligations in a contract with you and to process your request, unless you have given us additional consents. In addition, your data will be used for marketing and market research as well as the personalized design of our electronic services,provided thatyou have given us yourprior consent for such use. You prior consent will also be required, if you want us to use your data for personalized advertising and marketing. You may of course revoke your consent at any time.