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Emergency diesel generator sets are extremely important safety devices. For this reason, we work on technical improvements each and every day. We therefore focus on quality and reliability in everything we do.

This awareness of quality already begins by selecting only the best suppliers and is part of all processes within our company.

The generator sets have to pass numerous functional tests before they are finally dispatched. At our own test bench, and the state of the art test bench at our headquarters in Germany we are able to meter all relevant parameters and compare them with specified values. This state-of-the-art system meters deviations with a max. tolerance of 1%. All results are electronically recorded and fully documented.

Our services meet highest quality standards. On-site assembly, training of staff on site and final customer acceptance are all part of our service to the customer.

Our service department is available 24/7 and handles maintenance works, repairs and spare part deliveries quickly and unbureaucratically. 

Quality awareness, however, is also a matter of attitude. We sensitise our employees to always ensure top quality and reliability while performing their daily duties and are proud of our ISO certification

BS EN ISO-9001:2008

Generator Quality Standards:

VDE 0530, DIN 6280, ISO 8528, IEC 34, BS 4999, BS 5000, BS 5514;

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